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Nous Rêvons (We Are Dreaming)

Listen to the music track in this phenomenal video –
M83, “Echoes of Mine” off of ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.’ Amazing creative work!

Today was such an outstanding day for inspirational connection and posts on Facebook. I feel compelled to share some of them with you. I hope it’s OK with my friends that I am sharing them here. If you are opposed, just let me know, and I will pull them down. Thanks for the inspiration!

All night
the dark buds of dreams

In the center
of every petal
is a letter,
and you imagine

if you could only remember
and string them all together
they would spell the answer.
It is a long night,

and not an easy one—-
you have so many branches,
and there are diversions—-
birds that come and go,

the black fox that lies down
to sleep beneath you,
the moon staring
with her bone-white eye.

Finally you have spent
all the energy you can
and you drag from the ground
the muddy skirt of your roots

and leap awake
with two or three syllables
like water in your mouth
and a sense

of loss—-a memory
not yet of a word,
certainly not yet the answer—-
only how it feels

when deep in the tree
all the locks click open,
and the fire surges through the wood,
and the blossoms blossom.
~ Mary Oliver


Here is just a fragment of the amazing discussions we all had today. I name names in the end. Hope that’s OK. If your name needs to be removed for some reason, just email me, I will take it down. Thanks.

Andrew DiGenova The following is a very interesting and I think brilliant thought experiment proposed by my very bright interesting friend, Dawn Frick. “What if our society were structured so that by agreement, every day of the year had a different name? No more repetitive Mondays, Tuesdays and so on. Just treating each day as the unique gift that it is and allowing our minds and bodies and spirits to experience each day as only itself, not something to ‘get through’ to get to ‘the weekend’? How would that look? How would that feel?”

Anybody up for trying this one? Any ideas about what might happen?”

Sarah Mastriani-Levi Now after living in different societies where differing days are days of rest I have adapted a similar out look and have a difficult time identifying with the get through-get to mentality. It’s very freeing and allows you to take everyday as its own.

Andrew DiGenova I like it. Like your comment. But what if you are stuck working for the man? And what if you are working so hard for the man, to get ahead, so you can have enough capital and portfolio to have your own business, that you were exhausted? Would your perception of weekends be different? How do you break through and get your own business? Who will fund your dream? Just playing,experimenting, and asking questions in the spirit of experimentation in the pursuit of happiness.

Sarah Mastriani-Levi I worked for the man…weekdays, weekends everyday all day. I’ve been exhausted, but every time I would create something. Even the smallest something, my spirit would fly. I found that the creative process left me feeling more rested than sleep often did, at times. Weekends become times to work on your own endeavors. They are weekends not only for rest but for personal creativity. I don’t know who will fund your dream. But I do know that the moment that you are in your “flow” opportunities arise.

Sarah Mastriani-Levi When you change your definition of success to what you can share, suddenly you find with your many talents you are very successful everyday of the week.

Andrew DiGenova OK Sarah Mastriani-Levi! You are off the charts today with your shares girrrlll. Wow “my spirit would fly”, ” every time I would create something”, “moment that you are in your “flow” opportunities arise”, “definition of success”, I simply can’t add to any of that. It was absolutely perfect!!! You see why I think you have extraordinary abilities?? Because you do. Anyone who can make those deep quality observations has to be at least in-part enlightened mind state about work and it’s meaning to our personal freedom. And for God sakes Sarah, will you please write me an article? What is your favorite charity? I usually donate $40 a pop to save the children for Julie. Name your price and charity?

Sarah Mastriani-Levi I love these kinds of discussions

Once last thing. For some reason I am fully alive today. Not so much on other days. But today! I am so inspired!! Thanks to many people but here are a few that stand out:

Dawn Frick
Anna Smith
Joanne Brown
Marina Nadir
Sarah Mastriani-Levi
Patricia Strapple
Matthew Mcgovern
Julie Bu

(Sorry if I left anyoneout by mistake, I can be a real idiot about these kind of things)

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  1. Thank you Drew for seeing value and inspiration in our discussions. Much love for you and Michele,and all that you are working to create.

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