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Surfing Bliss

The above video is called Brave. And it’s true a blind boy riding concrete waves is very brave. But name of the video might be a little off. I know something more. He is happy in his dance, making love to board and stone. I understand him. He knows where the edges are through sheer love. Being totally in the moment he is free. He has another sense working that we forget we have. The sixth sense for seeing while being in a moment of love. Knowing where the dangerous edges are and staying away. But staying connected enough to enjoy the wondrous ride.

I  love surfing in the same way. I love riding waves.  When I surf, I dance on walls of water in my beloved mother ocean. We all have felt this bliss at one time or another in the little ordinary things we do too. This poem below I wrote from the heart. Without training or knowledge in poetry. I trust (blindly) in the truth of art. And I just wrote. I want so much to connect with you and share this bliss the skater boy and I feel when we ride. I think a better name for the video would be Surfing Bliss. So I wrote this poem below and named it “Surfing Bliss”.




Surfing Bliss

Bliss sometimes
Quietly whispers my name
Blind faith
In love

In art and in the moment
I float free
Blissfully accepting where my feet
Steer my stick of fiberglass and foam

I delight in the curve
I dance, then the cutback
Wait, then it follows
The happy rooster tail of foam
And sea spray as they wash my soul clean

Only the seagulls witness see my soul fly
As they look down at me
But they know
They know

For a moment I am like them
How happy I am
When the sun hits my face

My board carves the sea
My soul upwards touches sky
They know
They see that for just a few seconds
I am free
Free flying on waves of love
Waves of bliss

In rolling blue glass
On top of mother ocean, nature
I am happiness in a moment
Fulfilled and at peace
Like the meditator aware of just breath
Riding the glistening waves
Of the bliss in me

~Andrew Di Genova



In the spirit of bliss, below is a poem by the master. Rumi. Here he uses a slightly different word than bliss. But it means the same thing. Here “drunk” implies the bliss of the divine consciousness. Love and sometimes bliss is a frequent subject of Rumi’s poems.



The Lover is Ever Drunk with Love

He is free, he is mad,
He dances with ecstasy and delight.
Caught by our own thoughts,
We worry about every little thing,
But once we get drunk on that love,
Whatever will be, will be.



  1. ‘Surfing Bliss’ – beautiful poem, Andrew.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Julie. It was fun sharing it with you.

  2. To bring a reader deep into an emotion so that they are riding that feeling too … this is poetry, and “Surfing Bliss” is that. “Free flying on waves of love” yes! This is a ride of ecstasy. Thanks for bringing us so beautifully into your experience and helping us touch our own bliss. With appreciation ~

    • Here is a question, what is better than getting a sweet loving message from Will and Gemma? Answer. Nothing. Nothing better than that. Thank you so much for enjoying the love and bliss with me. Pure fun!! Wishing you waves of happiness. Thank you for being our friends. Michele sends her love too.

      • :-)) We appreciate you both. May every move you make feel like surfing bliss 🙂

      • We wish you the same sweet Gemma and Will.

  3. It’s all about being connected! Yay, you so get that! I don’t often experience such deep connection with poetry (other than Rumi’s typically), but your words were like magic, pulling me in, into your knowing of the freedom that comes with connection. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you!

    • A wonderful compliment from my Sweetie. Awesome! Thank you for being in my life and inspiring the artist in me!!

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