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Put This Design in Your Carpet


Put This Design in Your Carpet

Spiritual experience is a modest woman
who looks lovingly at only one man.

It’s a great river where ducks
live happily, and crows drown.

The visible bowl of form contains food
that is both nourishing and a source of heartburn.

There is an unseen presence we honor
that gives the gifts.

You’re water. We’re the millstone.
You’re wind. We’re dust blown up into shapes.
You’re spirit. We’re the opening and closing
of our hands. You’re the clarity.
We’re this language that tries to say it.
You’re joy. We’re all the different kinds of laughing.

Any movement or sound is a profession of faith,
as the millstone grinding is explaining how it believes
in the river! No metaphor can say this,
but I can’t stop pointing to the beauty.

Every moment and place says,
“Put this design in your carpet!”

Like the shepherd in Book II,
who wanted to pick the lice off God’s robe,
and stitch up God’s shoes, I want to be
in such a passionate adoration
that my tent gets pitched against the sky!

Let the beloved come
and sit like a guard dog
in front of the tent.

When the ocean surges,
don’t let me just hear it.
Let it splash inside my chest!




Joanne Brown

Two White Doves

One white dove flies above
with lightness and grace.
Flapping his wings of cotton,
his direction forgotten?
He swoops down low then back up high.
Look. There.
Two White Doves in the sky!

~Joanne Brown

About Joanne:

Joanne is a wonderful fun loving human. She is kind. Knd to people. Kind to her family. She has two fantastic kids, Rober and Georjean. Joanne is from the south part of New Jersey. She is always quick to laughter and loves to joke and laugh with her family and friends. She enjoys writing. She loves poetry. Her favorite line is “Today I am wearing the smile you left me with”. A poem that contains that line goes like this –

The Smile You Put There

I came to see you today
In a nice cream dress
Belted at the waist.
You took one look at me
Smiled and got up.
Hugged me and held me
Told me I looked beautiful,
kissed me and pushed me
Against the wall as you touched me
Took my breath away.
You pulled away and said
You just couldn’t help it.
I had a silly smile on my face
You walked me home,
Hand in hand.
We took the scenic route
You didn’t want the day to end
Fingers entwined
you kissed me goodbye.
Am wearing the smile now
That you left me with.

~ Emmeline Em




  1. Great video, “Have you found your own line?” – beautiful poem, “Two White Doves” – beautiful poem, “The Smile You Put There” – beautiful poem, great line: “Today I am wearing the smile you left me with.”

    Joanne Brown & Andrew, thanks for putting this early morning smlie on my face 🙂 It’s a great way to welcome a brand new day..

    • You are such a sweet person Julie! So much spirit. So much kindness. Thank you for your comment and being in our lives. Michele sends her love 🙂

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