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Keeper of the Enchanted Wood


“Come away, o human child!

With a fairy hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping

Than you can understand”

~William Butler Yeats


Keeper of the Enchanted Wood

This is the secret key: I close my eyes. I invoke my inner child. Suddenly, reality disappears and I found myself immerse in a fantasy world, where I could stay until my last breath.

On my first visit, many moons ago, I was appointed the keeper of the enchanted wood. O what an honor this was! As a keeper I am invited to see all the magic things that are happening right here. I can tell you my friends, the emotions are real.

I am in a place where sunbeams become moonbeams in a blink of an eye. Here I can reach for the stars and take a ride on a bird, a bumblebee or a dragonfly. Through the forest I go, feeling the warm wind from the south whipping against my face while I wave ‘Hello’ to all my magical friends. This is an adventure I’ll never forget because even when I’m dreaming I know I am living.

The night forest sees the light thanks to the moon and an army of fireflies; who are flying around tracing the stage on the green grass carpet that appeared from nowhere.

My friends and I arrived in time… the dance of the fairies is about to start. I can hear the rhythm of the drum… oh no, it’s not a drum… what I am hearing is my heartbeat expressing pure joy. How lucky I am to be on this magical realm. Thank you, Lord, for this fantasy dream.

Along by the fairy ring we dance all together and sing lullabies hand in hand having a blast in a moment that could last forever.

But the final curtain goes down. “Back to reality”, the voice-over in my head says.

Until we meet again.

It’s not easy for a daydreamer to fit in this world, always in a hurry, always in a rush, planning the future, not a minute to stop, just trying to get all the things done.

Do you believe in Fairies?

-In my dreams they exist, they are real.


~Julie Bu




Forest and River


“I wish I were like you,”

Said the forest

to the roaring river,

“Always travelling,

always sightseeing;

Rushing towards the pure domain

of the sea,

The kingdom of water;


The passionate, vigorous spirit

of life,

The liquid turquoise of light

With eternal flow …”


“But what am I?

Only a captive,

chained to the earth.

In silence I grow old,

In silence I wither and die,

And before long

nothing will remain of me

But a handful of ashes.”


“O forest, half-asleep, half-awake”,

Cried the river,

“I wish I were you,

Enjoying a seclusion

of living emerald,

And illuminated by moonlit nights;

Being a mirror

reflecting the beauties

of Spring;

A shaded rendezvous for lovers.”


“Your destiny, a new life

every year;

My life, running away from myself

all the time;

Running. running, running

in bewilderment;

And what is my gain

Of all this meaningless journey?

Ah … never having a moment of calm

and rest!”


“No one can ever know

what the other feels;

Who does care to ask

about a passer-by

If he really existed

or was only a shadow?”


Now a passer-by

Aimlessly walking in the shade

Comes to ask himself,

“Who am I? a river? a forest?

Or both?

River and forest?

River and forest!”




  1. I am totally transported by the beauty of the visuals coupled with the real magic that Julie Bu shares! I was right there with you, Julie! Thank you for this amazing sharing! Whether it’s dream or reality…I’m in!

  2. Woohoo… enjoy the ride on the bumblebee. Michele!! 😀

    ‘Forest and River’ by Rumi… Simply beautiful!

    Love all the pictures… make me dream even more. Thanks, Andrew.

    Ode to the world of fantasy…

    • This clip is wonderful Julie. One of my favorite songs too. Thanks for sending! Really enjoyed it.

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