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We Are With You


Dear Karyn,
May the soft sound of the bell,
bring you peace,
may the words of this Buddhist master stay with you,
and protect you on your journey.
“the miracle happens,
a beautiful child,
appears in the heart of a lotus flower,
may the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos,
even in the darkest spots,
so that all suffering ceases,
understanding comes to the heart,
and they transcend the path
of sorrow and death.”


Photos by Julie Thurston


God bless the beautiful Karyn Spencer! Your life so filled with beauty and a boundless passion for the Sea! You live so fully and freely! What an amazing inspiration you are to Andrew DiGenova and myself. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your amazing life with these wonderful photos!!! Love and major hugs from me and Drew!

Michele Yoskovich

We Are with You

Dear friend,
close your eyes,
hold my hand,
you will never be alone.
we are with you.

We shared swimming with turtles,
in the warm Hawaiin sun,
we shared surfing warm glass tubes,
of blue and green,
painted with droplets of wonder.
we are with you.

We shared the sand and surf,
Pipeline, Sunset, contests,
when you skipped through glass tubes,
our hearts skipped a beat.
we are with you.

When you told us of sharks,
we worried and prayed for you.
don’t cry now,
you’ll be okay,
trust we will never forget you,
we’ll always be with you,
in sun, sea and waves,
swimming with turtles and dolphins.
we are with you.

Happy in the sun and mother ocean’s womb.
You changed our lives,
made us dream, gave us courage,
you are sweet,
you will never be alone,
someday we will be together.
we are with you.

We are with you,
never to be alone,
always happy in the warm sun,
smiling forever,
God loves you,
and we love you.
we will be together soon.
we are with you.

~ Andrew Di Genova
from my heart
with love Drew and Michele


Dr. Spencer where do I start or finish? I want to take this opportunity to let you know what an influence you have had on my life and how I am passing all I learnt from you on to my young family. You are a true inspiration and a living legend. You are in my prayers and will never be forgotten. Please stay strong. All my love Jaime x

~ Jaime Harvey



I send you love. May this day bring you comfort and love. May you feel the sweet presence of your angels. And may you know that your life is a blessing upon the planet. Namaste.

~ Amy M. Spencer



There is little time left now
for sharing your night’s drama
rest the pain
the sorrow of your thoughts
on a cloud of unconscious forgiveness
stop trying so hard to be fully aware
of conscious suffering
digging out the old broken weapons
of guilt, blame, betrayal, and shame
share the star field
of your singing voice
write love poems
to grasshoppers, frogs and sunspots
dance barefoot on the earth
spinning, spinning,
until you know nothing about the illusion of gravity
then anoint your neighbors feet
with the brush stroke of your hair
paint passion fruit
in the heart of Mystery
and laugh, laugh,
laugh your way
back home. -Mokasiya

sent by Amy M. Spencer


How selfish and small I can be by being down and thinking I have so many so-called “problems” to face while one of the most amazing human being I have ever met in my life is going through her last days in this earth and still finding ways to smile… The only person I saw doing that was my father.. and how lucky I am to have had those two in my life. Great examples of how we should make life simple and live each day looking at the best things in life and not worrying too much about the bad stuff. Much love and aloha to you dr. Karyn Spencer. Telling you to enjoy each day would be redundant.

~ Luana Pereira



I have to be truthful. Today was one of the lowest points of my life. I’m thrilled to spend the 4th of July activities at Turtle Bay with my son, but as a person with migraines, brain cancer, and seizures….long long night… seizures can be triggered by loud noises and flashing white lights, then other colors flashing. At the final boom last night, the earth basically shook as Kapena sang joyful songs to the finale. children running barefoot and plenty of aloha fun. Then, today we had to get back to the legalese of death and dying.

The Last Will and Testament must be stated precisely, of course. after this task, he had to wait for neighbors to return home, run up and ask them to be witnesses. Being in hospice care…I want to protect my son as he tries so hard to be strong for me. after the detailed will (and believe me I don’t have much earthly belongings); we had to fill out pages of forms for my specific instructions of donating your body to medical research to physicians and research. As we tediously filled out each blank including the middle names of my parents, we got to the section to submit ‘what organs have been removed from your body?’ at that point we lost it. The anger overrode grief, denial, pain. My son: “Mom, aren’t these medical physicians who should be able to dissect you and KNOW the human anatomy to detect what organs are missing????

We started going down the check list. Pretty soon, I lost it as my son is trying to be brave. I told him to check them all!!!!!!! Then, the laughter returned!!! The details were above and beyond my sensible thoughts. I was in such physical pain, and this detail was too much. “Every man (sic and woman has their breaking point” – Red in Shawshank Redemption. I told jared ‘hell, take me to kilauea and let me jump in; let’s go for a helicopter ride so I can jump”……best and worst of times…meeting with hospice nurse 11:30 on the 9th. Jared has to fly back to work in Seattle leaving on the 15th.

Please pray I can enjoy each and every moment with him. This departure will test his character, and I have no doubt he will learn much from these final days We have 9 days to play and be happy. Please pray for this 24/7 time together make him a stronger man. I don’t know what to expect in the next adventure, but I cried tonight watching the news and getting excited that football begins in 56 days,,,,and it hit me I won’t be hear in 56 days. I am going from elation for a pain free life; and the deepest sorrow ever felt for the love I have for my baby son…Please pray I can not spend these days in the hospital but at home. I accept your encouragement, love, aloha, prayers, and help. Will see the bigger picture soon – sadder than I know what to do but cry….

~ Karyn Spencer


Lydie Ometto Love dear friend and sister Karyn, I am sooooo great full for your presence in my life and all you have taught me from close and from a distance. You are an inspiration and I love and miss you. All my love, strength, light, smiles and much, much healing energies for all realms of your journey! Till we meet again…. Love


“Be young, be foolish, be happy!!! And always be yourself!

~ Karyn Spencer

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