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Reflections of Clouds in Blue

Reflections of Clouds in Blue

Time In A Mirror

White-tip mountains, majestic, stand tall.
Images of trees, reflections of clouds in blue.
Birds in flight look down to see years gone by,
years still to see.
Leaves of green, brown, yellow and red,
reflect as they float to their winter bed.
Footprints in snow of squirrels and deer.
The rippling of rains as they fall.
Seasons gone by, those still to come.
All of nature is a reflection of time. ~ Susan Zakusylo



Our experience:

Michele and Drew


Notebook entry: Saturday Oct. 13th


The view of Mission Peak from Grand Caymon, the conference room where I work, got me curious. I had seen it at a distance, but never up close. So Michele and I decided to explore this place. The tight winding drive up the narrow steep Calaveras road, despite Michele’s fear of heights, paid off with the most incredible views of Silicon Valley, as well as the sweeping vistas of the Sunol Wilderness. We were blown away by the beautiful grace of hawks soaring over mountain tops. We were so high on mountain roads, so close to the hawks, that we could almost touch them. Wonderful reflecting on this day of being with my sweetie near clouds with blue skies, sunshine and views as far as the eye can see.



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  1. What a joy to be up there in the clouds, eye to eye with the hawks. It was like breathing with nature a boundary-less breath!

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