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You Are My Home


I don’t write poetry. I can’t even claim to know much about it. I was awful in English in school.

Yet I feel compelled to share with you. Maybe sometimes I like being out of my comfort zone, but today I felt like writing a poem for no other reason than I was happy. OK, technically I’m sure my grade-school English teacher could rip it apart. She could annihilate bad sentence structure. I am a pro at bad sentence structure and grammar. But one thing that can’t be denied, whether it is good or bad, it came from the heart.

Here’s to all the people out there who live with passion, who live everyday like it’s their last, who live from the heart. Here is my poem. OK Miss Breslin, shoot me, I wrote it and published it anyway. At least it is real and sincere.

Oh and the most important thing. This poem is written for and dedicated to my sweetie, Michele.

~ Drew



You Are My Home

One moment of infinity,
you and I sitting close, hearts beating as one.
Stars explode in the night sky,
They smile at us, far below.
Bright crescent disk lighting white cotton clouds,
as they rise over dark sienna hills.
the way you light my warmth,
a misty breath then,
you warm me in the sunbeam of your eyes.

Birds chirp, quail make that cute happy noise, you sing,
we the otters of Carmel, you and I,
snuggle warm under the midnight blue sky.
No one knows but us, the wildness, the passion,
the happiness glows,
like luna whipping cotton candy.

We laugh together,
we smile, we dance, you sing.
You always sing when you are happy.
We are two bodies but one form,
one heart, beats in this timeless sweet place.
This place we call home.

Craving stops.
In love.
Contentment fills our universe.
You are my home.

~ Andrew Di Genova

To my sweetie, Michele:


  1. Nice job Drew. You walked down streets you never walked down before and knocked on doors you never knocked on before…

  2. Thanks Howard! As a professional artist you must try new things all the time. Hope you are selling lots of your work. Keep it up. Nice work.

  3. Humbled beyond belief at the depth of your love and the beauty of your expression. Such an honor to be your partner, Drew! Lucky am I! Your poem is so very touching and the video – so very poignant. Thank you for the tears of joy and the lifetime of love!

    • Smiling 🙂

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