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It Would Break the Glass Cover on your Heart


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.16.48 AMThrough the Lens
with Rob Machado – Taka’s Treehouse

Iconic surfer, Rob Machado, has travelled the world for more than half his life. During that time, he’s crossed paths with countless individuals who share a love for surfing and a passion for the arts. In his new series called Through The Lens, we meet these individuals and follow Rob as he re-connects with the people who’ve inspired him along the way.

In this episode, Rob has the unique opportunity to spend a week working along side legendary tree house builder, Takashi Kobayashi, during the final stages of what Takashi describes as “his most important tree house” to date. By working along side Takashi, Rob begins to understand the power this beautiful, symbolic tree house can bring to the Tsunami stricken Sendai region of Japan. This great gift Takashi is offering to the surviving children of this region is one small step in bringing some joy, happiness, and light to a part of Japan heavily impacted by the Tsunami disaster. 






The Laughter of Children

Out there in the park children laugh, play and sing
The sound of young joy is a wonderful thing
I too had my childhood and I knew of young joy
But ’tis been awhile now since I was a boy
It has been awhile now but I can recall
In the Town park with others youngsters I played ball
But time kept on ticking and ticking on fast
And all that remains are memories of the past
The laughter of children a thing of great cheer
Playing ball in the park is a joy for to hear
It takes me to my boyhood and to my life’s Spring
The great gift of youth is a wonderful thing
We laughed as the football we chased up and down
In view of the hill in the park of the Town.

~ Francis Duggan






Bone-spur, stirrup of veins—white colt
a tree, sapling bone again, worn to a splinter,
a steeple, the birch aground

in its ravine of leaves. Abide with me, arrive
at its skinned branches, its arms pulled
from the sapling, your wrist taut,

each ganglion a gash in the tree’s rent
trunk, a child’s hackwork, love plus love,
my palms in your fist, that

trio a trident splitting the birch, its bark
papyrus, its scars calligraphy,
a ghost story written on

winding sheets, the trunk bowing, dead is
my father, the birch reading the news
of the day aloud as if we hadn’t

heard it, the root moss lit gas,
like the veins on your ink-stained hand—
the birch all elbows, taking us in.

~ Cynthia Zarin




The Tree of Awe

How does part of the world leave the world?
How can wetness leave water?

Don’t try to put out a fire by throwing on
more fire. Don’t wash a wound with blood.

No matter how fast you run, your shadow
more than keeps up. Sometimes it’s in front.
Only full, overhead sun diminishes your shadow.

But that shadow has been serving you.
What hurts you blesses you.

Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.

I can explain this, but it would break the glass cover
on your heart, and there is no fixing that.

You must have shadow and light source both.
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe.

When from that tree, feathers and wings
sprout on your soul, be quieter than a dove.
Don’t open your mouth for even a cooooo.

~ Rumi


  1. My dearest Andrew, you are such a beautiful soulful being – you live with heart, feeling everything- pure and true…I am moved beyond words for this beautiful and moving dedication. Dearest Andrew, the story of Rob Machado and building the treehouse for these suffering children is truly the most beautiful acts of kindness…the poetry, photos and painting compliment the story so eloquently and melt my heart …I look forward to learning more about this loving and compassionate being Rob Machado……Know that my spirit dances with you Andrew in celebration of our friendship and our oneness with all. It is both an honor and a blessing to have you in our lives. For you to choose the Silver Birch is truly magical for it is my most favourite of trees- taking me back to my happy childhood. We had 2 beautiful mature birch trees in the back garden, gifting the most spectacular golden display in the Autumn.
    After tedious, relentless hours of sitting still in a claustrophobic atmosphere of a classroom, I would escape up the tallest of the the birches and perch myself on my favourite branch. Where I would disappear into worlds full of magic and wonder. I still love to climb trees…maybe not so high!!! Thank you Andrew DiGenova for this dedication and for all that you do, you are an incredibly beautiful being…love and peace Marghanita, bless you xxx

    • I really enjoy your writing sweet Marghanita! You are so creative and filled with wonder and life! I really enjoyed your story about the silver birch. I totally get it. And your illustration for Japan is beautiful!! You are such a creative artist. Just awesome. But your best asset is touching other people’s hearts and connecting with them. Especially kids. I am so happy to know you. You are a very bright shinning star. I am grateful to know you. My friend Karyn Spencer is another beautiful soul like you. She lives in the land of paradise, Hawaii. I would love to visit her someday and meet you and your hubby with my Michele. How cool would that be? And your are right Rob sounds like such a great guy. I really appreciate you and admire you, love and hugs, Drew (and Michele)

  2. Can you imagine what joy and fun these Japanese children will have in the treehouse, the very thought melts me….
    Yes Andrew, it would be truly magical to meet up with Karen, yourself and our partners and spend time in nature together…joy ….life is full of surprises….xx

  3. Your words and illustrations are wonderful! Thanks you dear Marghanita xo

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