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Caught in the Fire of Love

by Rumi

A track from A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends present music from the Love Poems of Rumi, with Martin Sheen speaking the poetry of Rumi.


The Magical Forest
“10 million species on planet earth,
each one remarkable.
But none can survive on it’s own.
All life depends on connections.
Beautiful spectacular relationships between plants and animals.”
The stunning new BBC documentary called –



fire-2819-1920x1200 copy

Caught in the Fire of Love


My heart is on fire

In my madness I roam the desert

The flames of my passion

devour the wind and the sky

My cries of longing

My wails of sorrow

Are tormenting my soul

You wait patiently

Looking into my intoxicated eyes

You accept my passion

with the serenity of Love

You are the Master of Existence

One day I shall be a Lover like You

~ Rumi

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