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The Inertia of Evolution


Today’s video is inspired my Marianne Nishifué. It’s about taking a walk. Walking around the world in all the countries you ever dreamed of visiting. 12 countries. 8 months. Thousands of miles. Dozens of postcards. 1 walk around the world. May you attain these dreams and lots more.


Today I am very excited to introduce Marianne Nishifué . She is our awesome guest writer today. She is also a healer and teacher. She works with emotional equilibrium. What is emotional equilibrium you ask? Here is her definition “When we are in alignment with our unique frequency or vibration our physical form is supported allowing emotional equilibrium and true passion to ignite our Divine Spark.”

I just want to thank her for taking the time to write this beautiful poem. For participating in Zen of Water blog and Zen of Water Facebook page. My favorite line of her’s is “A sublime lightness of Be-ing”. May we all find our sublime lightness of be-ing. She is a constant source of kindess and support. She is an inspiration.

~ Drew



The Inertia of Evolution

Neither feverish prayers laid out each night
Nor eyes, ears, voice; closed and dormant
Neither working 24/7 for social strata built just right
Nor picking at old wounds to advertise torment

‘Tis the inertia I seek
A space of peace with a VERY large vacuum
That sucks my head first into what…The Ego says, “reeks!”
‘Tis nothing, no thing, No Thing, but a Settling to assume

Ego crawls back to the forces of mental & physical revolution
Neither seeking partnership as if big game hunt
Nor doggedly following religion for shot gun absolution
Neither soap box rants that pick out who’s the moments’ runt

‘Tis inertia I surrender to
A sublime lightness of Be-ing; finding balance and not bent
Listening to heart’s breath…ahhhh ‘tis the clue
From the darkest depths of No Thing I am sent

Neither bitterness or sweetness
Nor sadness or elation
Neither more or less
I surrender to heart’s quiet chambers: an Aha! coronation

‘Tis the Divine I surrender to
‘Tis the Sattva Tour de Force
‘Tis the balanced devotion of love I woo
‘Tis the inner Atman that gently picks me up then nudges me on the Divine course

by Marianne Nishifué

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 8.41.17 AM


Here are ten life changing tips inspired by quotes from the great Sufi poet, Rumi:

1. Challenge Fear
2. Be Bold
3. Have Gratitude
4. Take Action
5. Have Faith
6. Embrace Setbacks
7. Look Inside
8. Learn From Suffering
9. Don’t Be Concerned With What Others Think Of You
10. Do What You Love


This Moment

This moment, this love, comes to rest in me
many beings in one being
In one wheat grain a thousand sheep stacks

Inside the needle’s eye
a turning night of stars

There is a light seed grain inside
you fill it with yourself or it dies

I am caught in this curling energy, your hair
who ever is calm and sensible
is insane!

~ Rumi

Tender Words

Tender words we spoke
to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.

~ Rumi


One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green
all over the world.


  1. Marianne! How beautiful your poem! Thank you for “nudging us on the Divine course”! Loved the film too! The sense of continual movement was inspiring!

    • Marianne has done such a great job here. I appreciate her contribution.

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