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What is Not Here


The Invisible World Becomes Apparent


The five spiritual senses are connected.
They’ve grown from one root.
As one grows strong, the others strengthen, too:
each one becomes a cupbearer to the rest.
Seeing with the eye increases speech;
speech increases discernment in the eye.
As sight deepens, it awakens every sense,
so that perception of the spiritual
becomes familiar to them all.
When one sense grows into freedom,
all the other senses change as well.
When one sense perceives the hidden,
the invisible world becomes apparent to the whole.

~ Rumi


Love is our mother


Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

You say, ‘With the body, I am far and with the heart, with the Beloved’

During the day I was singing with you. At night we slept in the same bed. I wasn’t conscious day or night. I thought I knew who I was, But I was you.

If you desire your own divinity, come out of yourself. Pass over that stream and come toward your divinity.

I worship the moon. Tell me of the soft glow of a candle light and the sweetness of my moon. This human face is a shape tethered in the stall of pain: part god, part angel, part beast… a secret charm, rarely released.

Love is our mother and the way of our Prophet. Yet, it is in our nature to fight with Love. We can’t see you, mother, hidden behind dark veils woven by ourselves.

Both light and shadow are the dance of Love. Although I may try to write about love, I am rendered helpless.

My pen breaks, and the paper slips away at the ineffable place where lover loving and loved are one.

Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love.

– Rumi Mash-up



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