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I desire you

more than food

or drink


My body

my sense

my mind

hunger for your taste


I can sense your presence

in my heart

although you belong

to all the world


I wait

with silent passion

for one gesture

one glance

from you


~ Rumi




The knowledge of the Heart

My heart knows that one day you’ll come to me,


nameless face,

unknown soul.

That’s why I’m here,

waiting for you,

longing for you,

upsetting my mind…

but I swear, my Love,

I won’t move.

I’ll resist the silence of the solitude

and I’ll keep waiting,

burning in this waiting…

I don’t care.

I’ll keep waiting,

living for that day in which our eyes

will recognize each other.

There’s a knowledge

that overcomes every kind of understanding…

it’s the knowledge of the Heart.



From “Melting into the Heart”

A book by Ilaria Caobelli


All rights reserved

© Ilaria Caobelli



Ilaria Caobelli is a writer from Merano Italy. She is a talented poet. One of her favorite sayings is “There’s a knowledge that overcomes every kind of understanding, it’s the knowledge of the heart.” ~ Ilaria Caobelli


To truly appreciate her great talent, please read her poems in her beautiful native tongue, Italian.


“Ogni libro giunge a noi per una ragione precisa…
per ispirarci
per educarci
per condurci in luoghi inaspettati
per distruggerci
per ricomporci.”


Her new book is called Melting Into the Heart.


Melting Into the Heart

Ilaria’s blog



Merano Italy

Just a few miles south of the Austrian border, Merano is an old spa town. About half the residents here speak German, the other half Italian. Take a dip in one of the thermal baths, or try Merano’s famous “grape cure”. Among the town’s landmarks are the medieval city gates such as the Vinschgauer Tor.

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