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Like Angels Who Tiptoe on Treetops


I took the above picture last week. It was during a hike with Michele. It’s one of our favorite parks in Northern California. From the hilltop you can see all of the San Francisco bay. There were lots of hawks and cows around. We laid out a blanket and read books. Garin Park is a place we go when we want to feel happy.



Like Angels Who Tiptoe on Treetops


Dance, in the morning mist.
Breathe, in the evening sun.
Be here now with me, not veiled,
but open and alive like the surf on a cliff.

Turn away from the enchantment of gain and loss.
Let the arrow of your heart bow
fly on the wings of your soul.

Wear gratitude wholeheartedly.
Wear your form, lightly, and feel impermanence.
like angels who tiptoe on treetops,
like dust particles in sunlight.

Love’s secret is lost in the fragrance of paradise,
I lose myself in your scent.
Rudder, mast, and keel steer a path
to your heart and rush to the sky
like the lift of a bird’s wings.

~ Andrew Di Genova




Here is an article about the film shown above:


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