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I Touch The Sky

My heart soars
High in the air
Light breeze blows soft
I fly breathless as in my dreams
Floating up, almost touching clouds
Sun and God warm my face
I feel deep, the wonder around me
Birds below, blue above
I watch you on the ground
I know joy from your love
I float over waves, you gave me wings
I have courage
You gave me wonder
It’s becasue of you
I touch the sky ~Andrew Di Genova

We took a trip to Pacific Grove and Carmel. I got to wondering. What would happen if I taped a camera to one of my planes? What would the footage look like? This footage was taken with my little GoPro camera taped to the belly of my remote control plane. I flew it over the rocks and waves. You can see 17 mile drive and the blue green water of the Pacific. Amazing site. The poem and flight is dedicated to my sweetie. She inspires me. The flight was thrilling. And being with her? Even better.

This is a call to connection – as within, so without.  Together, we will create a virtual spiritual community of Inquiry, Sharing, Wisdom and Wonder.  I look forward to hearing from you. Share your thoughts, comments, or I’ll even publish your story. Feel free to write.   With Metta and Namaste,   Drew


  1. Oh Drew,
    I’m so incredibly moved by what you’ve written, every word full of thoughtfulness, and the inspiration and adoration it exudes. Very beautiful photography, music and linguistic work. As the kids and I watched the video we were impressed by how much rounder the world appeared from the sky…although that may have just been a side effect from the kind of lens you used.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    The lens I used causes distortion. It is very wide angle so that you can see a very wide field of view. The bad news is it causes distortion. Everything kind of looks warped a bit. But good observation. Thanks for your compliment. I am not a poet or photographer. But I felt deeply excited when after throwing my plane over the water with a camera, it didn’t crash. The video came out OK. I just wanted to write down what I was feeling during the flight. So I just threw down a few words on the blog. Thank you fro reading and commenting. You’re so sweet.

  3. The music and beautiful view was so peaceful and serene. I am so happy that you have someone in your life that inspires you and makes you feel loved.

    • Thank you. Hope you have someone too. If not, just a matter of time. 🙂

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