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Hear the Story of the Sunrise

Hear the Story of the Sunrise

Article by: Sarah Mastriani-Levi

Have you ever felt that you needed another to complete you?
 What is this idea of a soul mate? Does it even exist?
  Or do we merely create situations to fulfill the needs of such disillusionment – and then convince ourselves that another can meet these needs?
 Or are we, in truth, maybe already complete?

Sarah Mastriani-Levi
Zen of Water Guest Writer

As we examine these questions I ponder something more poignant. Does the lover we need hide within ourselves, within our Jungian ( ) shadow side? And why is it that such qualities exist in another in a way that we could adore, yet within ourselves we are not able to even accept…much less love?

So I turned to that wonderful old dead guy who I still have a lingering crush on – the one with magical linguistic abilities who expresses like no other. That’s right, Rumi. You know, that Medieval, Persian dude from the 1200’s who wrote poems like a hunka, hunka burning love…just ask Elvis…But seriously folks…

Here’s part of what he had to say:

Go within.
Hear the story of the sunrise from the sun itself.
If there were no sunrise within
I would have set long ago.-Rumi

What is it in our psyche that enables us to love and accept in another what we renounce within ourselves? Sure, people can serve as inspirational catalysts for others. However, it seems unrealistic to believe that another could create something that did not already exist, or that another could complete us.  In fact, it’s an illusion to think that any kind of completing is really going on.

If we should find ourselves feeling completed by another, however, that feeling is actually a mirroring of energy and qualities that occurs at a frequency we are then receptive to. Opposites, therefore, do not necessarily attract. Rather, we are the same with opposing Jungian shadow sides holding a reflective mirror just at the perfect angle to enable us to feel that part of ourselves that we deny. That is why the other seems to complete us, and that is why it feels like home. That is also why we fight when the shadow side overcomes us. We are fighting our own development.

Imagination has never imagined what you give me.-Rumi

Imagination is our ability to expand upon the images that our minds create. 
What if we expanded upon Rumi’s idea and could say to beloved (whether past or present), “My imagination could never have imagined the gift of the mirror, of my shadow side, that you have given me. All that I love, search and yearn for exists within me. Yet, without you holding up the mirror, I could not have discovered it within myself.

Thank you for being my inspirational catalyst. Thank you for holding up the mirror just so. Thank you for helping me to grow and discover my fears and weaknesses. Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for your patience as I intend to keep discovering me, through you.”

As for completion, the only thing to complete is the true, deep knowing that we both already are.

About Sarah

Sarah is an amazing raw food cook. She has a wonderful family. And has been an inspiration and help to many people.

In Her Own Words
I moved to Israel at the end of 1994. In 2006, I left suburban life to buy a small agricultural farm in Sede Yitzhak. The goal was to make a life-style change that was authentic and integritous with the way I was raising my children. I’ve grown organic vegetables and have two olive groves with Syrian and Manzolina Olives. My days are spent homeschooling/unschooling/worldschooling my four children, taking them to lessons, museums and tours. I work in the gardens, as well as, managing/balancing the needs of our farm ,family, and home.

Currently, I sell organic produce. I have prepared Gourmet Ethnic Living Cuisine for functions/parties/families and individuals. Now, 2012 is a year of big changes. I’m moving back to the States and am ready to expand my business, Mannafest Living, there.

Other Info About Her
Languages: English and Hebrew
Religious Views: Spiritual
Political Views: Green

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