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Inside Water

Inside water, a water wheel turns.
The star circulates with the moon.

We live in the night ocean wondering
What are these lights.

You have said what you are.
I am what I am.
Your actions in my head
My head here in my hands
With something circling inside.
I have no name for what circles
so perfectly. ~Rumi

Love is my religion
And the universe is the book. ~Coleman Barks

Holi, in February or March — The festival of colour is a major festival celebrated mainly in North, East and Western India. On the first day, people go to temples and light bonfires, but on the second, it’s a waterfight combined with showers of coloured powder. This is not a spectator sport: as a visible foreigner, you’re a magnet for attention, so you’ll either have to barricade yourself inside, or put on your most disposable clothes and join the fray. Alcohol and bhang (cannabis) are often involved and crowds can get rowdy as the evening wears on. Celebrations are fewer in South India, though private celebrations occur among North Indian communities residing in major South Indian cities.

Feature photo: Ocean at night , Credit line:© Eric Gevaert | Purchased at


  1. Hello!

    Didn’t know this festival existed… It’s so colourful and it looks like so much fun but I couldn’t be able to join the fray… I don’t like crowds.

    Be water

    • But I love your link Julie! “Be water my friends” – how cool is that. Great video.

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