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The Dance of Angels

The Dance of Angels


He spins and spins and spins
To remove all three layers of him
And with devout discipline
He spirals to ignite the light within
He becomes a part of the solar system
And swirls to its cosmic hymn
His soul transcends through
The mouth of God
To join the source
Of everything.

He turns and turns and turns
To open up windows in the universe
And with each circle of love he twirls
The electric currents in his heart radiate then burst
His thirst for a meeting with the divine
Has been his only quest since birth,
And while rotating like the hand of time
He sings the “AH” of an angel’s verse.

As he turns and turns and turns
A million emotions and vibrations submerge
A luminous spectacle worth a million candles,
The Sufi dancer is poetry without

~Suzy Kassem


  1. Hello!

    I like the poem… I know nothing about Sufi dancing but I found this vídeo… it says among other things that “Sufis believe that God places a divine spark in each of us…”

  2. I love this phrase “God places a divine spark in each of us”. Beautiful. Thanks for passing this on along with the great link!

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