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The Owl’s Wing

The Owl’s Wing

a handful of moonlight
the owl’s wing

~ Basho
Haiku 101: The Anatomy of Haiku
“The Technique of Association”

This poem represents the method Haiku poets use called association. This method compares two different kinds of things. Here it compares the moon with the owl’s wing. The moon you see. The owl’s wing you can almost hear and feel. The two together? Amazing combination. It shows you don’t need many words at all to move the heart. The Zen of this technique is called “oneness”. “The poem is showing how everything is a part of everything else. ” This statement is by Jane Reichhold in her book Writing and Enjoying Haiku.

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One of my favorite cities in the world. The people are truly amazing. I couldn’t so much as walk down the street with a map in my hand. Total strangers would come up to me and say “Do you need help finding something?”. One time, I stood in an outdoor concession buy a T-shirt for a friend. I asked for help figuring out the right size to buy for her. Within 10 minutes I was literally surrounded by two dozen wonderful Japanese people trying to help me. This city is extraordinary. It’s people? Priceless. Absolutely priceless. They touched my heart forever!!




  1. I feel that it doesn’t compare the moon to the owl’s wing. For me there is a more subtle comparison concerning how the light energy, more specifically the energy of the moon light, is recognized, captured and shifted via the wings of the owl. Without the owl, the moon light is refracted and we tend to recognize it on a larger scope, but when captured within, and it always seems to be within, we become privy to a personal dose of light energy that was pushed via the wings of the owl to us. The owl thereby becomes the keeper of the sacred night light and we, whom have the opportunity to witness such an occurrence are witness to the magic held under the wings of the owl.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Wow Sarah – “The owl thereby becomes the keeper of the sacred night light” I love that. I see you interpretation. Excellent. I agree that light plays a big role in this poem. And you just know the owl’s wing has to be white. That would give tour theory soundness. Thanks for the great comment.

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