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Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves



Oh, I want to dance with the leaves of October

That merrily twirl in the air,

To blend with the yellow, the reds, and the golds of them.

To dance in the wind without care.

And I want to run in the warm Autumn sun,

Skip under the azure blue sky,

To drift with the breeze among billowing leaves,

Rejoicing that I am alive.

So let me forget the cold chill of November

While October still is with me.

Too soon come the rains and the long, dreary winter nights,

Too quickly laid barren the trees.

Oh, I want to dance with the leaves of October

Before summer’s warmth must depart.

Lord, let me lay hold of their red, brown, green, gold

And treasure their dance in my heart.



Kathryn E. Darden


Haiku Corner:
Each week we feature a Haiku poem and explain a technique used in the structure. This week we are featuring this poem –


listening ears

petals fall into

the silence




The Technique of Sabi:

Sabi can mean many things in Japanese culture. D.T. Suzuki says it means “loneliness” or “solitude”, but it can also mean “miserable”, “insignificant”, “pitiable”, aand “poverty”. Many say sabi is an understatement and is hinting at great depths. The trick here is to put together desired images and verbs which create the desired effect or atmosphere of deep sadness. The above poem achieves this very nicely.


  1. Drew I LOVE this site. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is a gift, as are you. With love and appreciation, Your Friend Sue

    • I am truly honored that you like my site Sue! Michele and I both love you. Thank you for being in our lives. If you ever have a poem you like, please tell me, or send it. I will post it on the site with a picture. Your friends for life, Drew and Michele

  2. Hello!

    Autumn leaves… Autumn colours… extraordinary beauty!

    “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – George Eliot

  3. Wow Julie! How do you find these quotes? Great one, thanks for sending 🙂

  4. 😀 I find them here….

    You’ll see it’s a great site!!

    Night-night from this part of the world.

    • Cool site, nice tip. They have a ton of quotes. Each with their own categories. Thank you for your wonderful post. Michele and I were just talking on the phone about it. She really loves it. We both think your write from the heart. Fantastic. Night my good friend 🙂

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