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Sister Moon

(Music by Enya – Shepherd Moon)

Sister Moon an Original Work
by Julie Bu

I learned from my mother to look up to the sky – day and night, night and day – since “there are a lot of things happening up there”, she said…Kites, birds, planes flying around, raindrops falling and washing our tears away, rainbows coloring our existence, clouds passing by activating our imagination. Who hasn’t seen a horse, a heart, a sheep, a UFO-shaped cloud? But beyond that we’ve got wonders… wonders that make us realize how small and blessed we are. We’ve got the sun that keeps us warm. We’ve got the stars that make us dream. We’ve got the planets that make us wonder if we are alone in this immense universe – “Hello… Is there life out there? We want to be your friends.” And among these celestial wonders we’ve got the moon… our sister moon, guardian of the night, keeper of dreams, a mind shelter, our loyal companion through thick and thin.

O Moon… eternal witness of love… who hasn’t longed to go to the moon and back? God created you to be a reliable messenger. You know nothing about distance… No matter where I am in the world, you will always be there on time to deliver my smiles, my hugs and say, “Hey! Julie is OK”. There you are, connecting souls. All we have to do is look up to the night sky the way my mother taught me to and be ready to send and receive messages of love across the world, and…it’s free!

O moon you awake my imagination… Source of inspiration… how many times Pegasus and I have flown around you… how many times I say “Hello” to the man and the rabbit that keep you company. There’s something about you, call it mystical, magical, mysterious that hypnotizes my senses.

O moon you keep an eye on me when darkness arrives… that’s why I never stop dancing to the beat of my heart following the path illuminated by the light you shine.

They say you have a dark side, but who doesn’t? One thing is true… there’s not a double-faced friend in you. That’s why I trust you with my deepest thoughts. O moon, mysterious moon, how many secrets you own… I know you won’t tell a word.

Sister moon… a refuge to my mind. Your magnificence makes my fears go away, and for a moment, all makes sense as if everything was crystal clear and then I can breathe again.

O moon so majestic in the sky, you give me hope, you make me wish I had wings to fly away, land on your surface and see, as time passes by, how beautiful our world is… no trace of violence… no signs of suffering… no wounds to heal… just a blue and green ball spinning round and round, so perfect, so full of innocence.

O what a silence in the moon, it lets my nerves take a break. Nothing matters, just the moment you and I share. Precious moon… don’t you ever go away, please remain the same. It’s because of you I dare to escape… be my shelter, keep my dreams alive.

Sister Moon… no matter what phase in your life you are going through you simply know what to do. You know what comes next, but that’s doesn’t worry you because you let yourself act day by day as if you knew nothing about yesterday or the following day… what matters is today. Moon let me be like you, standing still but moving on. Nothing stops you… nothing disturbs you.

Sister Moon… this is a promise I make… from my window I’ll keep an eye on you the way you keep an eye on me… my accomplice in this earthly life until I’m called home again. I dream of the day I’m up there to skip along with you in a place where time will stop and all we’ll have is eternity.

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to” – Carl Sandburg

 About Julie:

Julie is a fun loving wonderful person filled with life and passion. She lives in Bilboa Spain and is originally from Mexico. She loves riding horses. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Advanced Studies in International Relations and Public International Law. This post is her original writing. Her writing power comes from her honesty. She is authentic and honest. Hiding nothing. She is fun and full of life. She refused payment for any of her writings so we made a deal. Every time she writes. Zen of Water will donate to her favorite charity. A donation for this beautiful article she wrote has been made to – SAVE THE CHILDREN


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  1. Lovely and a stimulant to my imagination as I too have always felt the moon within myself.

    • Thank you Sarah for sharing. Why don’t you write a short story or share a poem, or find a quote for a Zen of Water post? I will find the pictures and add to it. Could be fun. 🙂

  2. Andrew… thanks again for this little corner… where sharing is as easy as eating strawberry ice cream.

    Oh, Mexico… my Magic Land!!

    Thanks on behalf of Save the Children 🙂

    God bless you.

    • I LOVE that we are sharing!!! Easy as eating strawberry ice cream, good one 🙂 All I can say is your sharing and your writing bring a smile to my face, happy full moon. 🙂

  3. Happy Full Moon!

  4. This is such a wonderful reflection Julie, putting us in a place of calm receptiveness … “Moon let me be like you, standing still but moving on. Nothing stops you… nothing disturbs you.” Blessings and love to you ~

    • Michele and I love you both Will and Gem, thanks for your awesome uplifting comment. You really made me feel up, blessings, Drew and Michele

    • Hello!

      Glad to know you enjoyed the reading 🙂

      Sharing from the heart.


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