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Recently I made a post to Facebook. My friends had a wonderful reaction to it. It seemed to lift their spirits and imagination. It was exciting to share this spirit with my friends. So I thought “Why not a blog of artistic inspiration that we can all share?”. I created this blog as a place we can share our thoughts and dreams. I encourage your comments. I encourage you to send ideas and reactions. This is a place to share inspiration. From time to time I will share one of my new watercolor paintings too. And let me know if you like them. Let’s inspire one another!

I am a watercolor painter. I am an architect. I enjoy reading. I love the ocean and enjoy it by kitesurfing and sailing as often as I can. I currently am a freelance designer for mobile apps and website design. Some of my work can be seen at Drew’s Website.

Andrew Di Genova







  1. ~ when we touch water : we touch the chord of our spirit. Thank You Andrew for creating this space of beauty!

    • Great job Marianne! You are a gift to the world.


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