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The Power of Love Project

The Power of Love Project

Free hugs experiment breaks social norms. UNL Newsroom - University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Free hugs experiment breaks social norms. UNL Newsroom – University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

The Idea
My wife, Michele, and I were very much inspired by this story in the New York Times (below). So we both participate in The Compliment Project but are also starting something of our own right here. The Power of Love Project. It is a simple website that allows us all to share how the power of love helps in our own lives and the lives of our family and friends.

Our first project is the posting of gratitude journals. It is a way we can share the power of love and gratitude. This is what we are doing. Jump on board. Let’s go!

Please click on my email address below if you are interested. We will email your instructions how to send your gratitude journal picture.

Andrew and Michele


Andrew's Gratitude Journal

Andrew’s Gratitude Journal

Our Inspiration
“People on San Francisco’s sidewalks this week have been encountering kindness in an unusual way. Posters have appeared on poles across the city with little dangling paper slips that can be torn off and taken away. But instead of offering yoga lessons or a used sofa, they are simple written compliments — and they’re free.

“You are perfect as you are.”
“You bring joy to those around you.”
“Your smile is beautiful.”
“Our world is better because you’re in it.”

The posters are the brainchild of Anna Sergeeva, 26, a San Francisco artist.

The idea came to her weeks before the presidential election, Ms. Sergeeva said, but she acknowledged that the mood in liberal San Francisco after Mr. Trump’s victory inspired her to act on it.

“I feel like I’m doing a marketing campaign for kindness,” she said on Thursday.

Since she and some friends put up a bunch of the posters last weekend, the campaign has taken off, fueled by the Instagram posts of passers-by and the hashtag #thecomplimentproject.

As momentum built, Ms. Sergeeva created a website in which other people could download the posters. She said people have reached out from Los Angeles, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Israel, France and Britain. “It’s crazy,” she said. “I’m really excited and happy to part of something that feels special and needed at the moment.”

Anna Sergeeva Website

New York Times Article

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